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Book Tour: Goddess On The Run by Marne Ann Kirk Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway

Goddess On The Run by Marne Ann Kirk    

A Tale of the Holy Water Warriors, Book One

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press

Number of pages: 316
Word Count: 91,200 words

Cover Artist: Taria Reed

Book Description: 

All Fomorian Hells are about to break loose on earth, making human souls the daily special, if the Tuatha de Danaan can’t stop it.

Teagan, a Celtic demi-goddess hiding from her destiny in small-town Colorado, wants nothing to do with her mother’s forgotten realm or the drama of a battle of the gods. And Merric is forbidden fruit she’s too smart to taste.

Merric, leader of the Tuatha de Danaan warriors, has other plans. Teagan holds the key to salvation, for both him and their worlds, whether she wants to or not. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince her of her duty.

But can he find the key to her heart?


1. Where did you get the idea for the novel? 
Well first, I love Paranormal romance. I love the strong, sassy heroine and the alpha male who has to learn something. Also, I feel there is more freedom for world-building when writing a series, and Paranormal romance lends itself to this idea well. Now, I have seven children, most of which are adults. One of my daughters worked, for a time, in a very nice Gentleman’s Club in the south. The stories she’d share with me every day…well, you wouldn’t believe. The idea of Teagan and Goddess on the Run kind of grew up out of these stories. 
2. Your title. Who came up with it? Did you ever change your title? 

I did change my title. When I first wrote the story it was “Love? Please! A Tale of the Holy Water Warriors.” However, I have a fantasy romance series, The Fae Dragon Chronicles, and all of the stories in that series begin with “Love.” There’s “Love Chosen,” then “Love Dared,” and “Love Desired.” So my publisher, Crescent Moon Press, suggested finding a title for the first book in the Holy Water Warrior series that was a little different. We brainstormed, and came up with Goddess on the Run. 
3. Which came first, the title or the novel? 

The novel came first. 
4. Since becoming a writer, what’s the most exciting thing to ever happen to you? 

The most exciting thing, so far, since becoming a writer…that’s tough. Every step on this road has been exciting! The first completed story, my first contest final, my first time placing first in a contest, my first contract, my first cover, my first book held in my hands, my first review…and then to do those things again with the next book. Every experience is amazing. 
5. What book are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?

 Betrayed by the Gods, by Cassandra Cade 
6. What was your first book that you ever wrote (very first one you wrote, not published)?

 Oh…It was called The Heart of Torkana, and I LOVED this story! It was a fantasy romance, about the leader of a dying planet finding a new home for his people; except a defiant race who call it home stands in his way, and the queen is determined to thwart his plans. 
7. What is your writing process? 

Um…I really need to work on this. Up until now, I’ve always gone for weeks or months without writing, only to have a story pour out in a matter of a two month time. Then I edit, for about three to six months. Now, I’m trying to train myself to be more productive, more set in a routine. Another thing, I’ve always written my first draft in long hand. I’ve tried to type that first draft into the computer, and it just doesn’t work for me. I’m far more creative when I have pen and paper. I don’t know why… 
8. Who are your favorite authors of all time? 

Oooh, an easy question! Kresley Cole, Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Gena Showalter for romance; Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Joyce Carol Oates for American literature; Frost or Whitman for poetry; and Shakespeare, Shelley, or Dickens for Classics. (Can you tell I’m a reader?) 
9. At a book signing, do you just sign your name or do you write a note? How do you come up with stuff to say? 

I write a note and then sign my name. If I’ve made a connection with the reader, I make the note more personal. 
10. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? 

I will spend hours going through a case of Hot Wheels at the store, looking for one my husband doesn’t have. 
11. How do you react to a bad review? 

I thank the reviewer for taking the time to review my book. People have different tastes and opinions, and not everyone is going to love the same things. 
12. How did you celebrate the sale of your first book? 

My husband got me two Shih-Tzu puppies. They were brothers and we were only going to get one, but we couldn’t separate them. We named them Loki and Thor, and they fit their names so well.


Chapter One

Great. Just fan-friggen-tabulous. Not even halfway through her shift and Teagan had an ass-grabber.
Another one.
Of course, this moron's lack of respect for personal boundaries was why she'd gotten this table of five. The girls had named her The Enforcer for a reason.
She'd let him play for a moment. He wasn't hurting her, after all. But soon he'd pay, and she'd make certain it did hurt him.
Yep, a little public humiliation, and he’d never touch another lady without her permission again.
But first, money. A girl had to have her priorities.
"Can I get you boys anything else?" she asked, setting a Corona in front of each of them.
The Friday night band sang their standard classic, "Friends in Low Places," and several patrons whooped or sang along. Lively crowd tonight--at least a couple hundred cowboys, college kids, tourists, and locals were bound to mean good tips. Everyone was lookin' for love.
Blondie, the man sitting across the table from where she stood, smiled and tossed down a hundred dollar bill. "Tequila shots?"
Mr. Hands, on her left, inched his grope further up the back of her inner thigh. If he went any higher, he'd be fondling parts of her only seen by her doctor and her vibrator.
She snapped her teeth into a grin, ignoring Mr. Hands, as she pulled the Jose Gold from one holster on her costume’s gun-slinger's belt and six shot glasses from the cartridge loops on the other hip. Between the rowdy saloon atmosphere and the waitressing costumes--leather vest, gunfighter's belt over short-shorts, Stetson cowboy hat and boots--it was no surprise Tommie's Knockers drew the largest crowd in the Canyon.
Someone cursed a stream of words his mama would’ve washed his mouth out for, on the other side of the main stage. Chaos exploded in the far section of the bar as a chair shattered and a beer bottle exploded--probably on some poor fool’s head.  A girl screamed and Teagan straightened up, glancing over. The bouncers didn’t need her help, though. Six were already hustling over and stepping in, pulling two men apart and bringing things back to order. It was under control.
So why did she feel on edge tonight? Like all hells were about to break loose.
"If you're buying one for me too, sugar," she said, shaking it off and bringing her attention back to Blondie.
When he nodded, she twisted the cap off the bottle, pouring tequila into each glass before sliding them around. The shot glass she slid to Mr. Hands barely stayed on the table. Damn. She'd hoped to distract him from his blind-man's examination of her butt--no such luck.
Nope. Yesteryear’s Quarterback just kept on going with one hand, like her backside was his winning season’s playbook.
She lifted her shot, saluted the men, and tossed it back. Oh, it burned good. Too bad her kind couldn't get drunk on human alcohol. She could use a little something right now. Something to dull the sudden itch along her spine, urging her to run without motive. She wasn't fooled. Whenever she had that itch, there was a reason.
She forced herself to smile at Blondie as she set her shooter back on the table, then tipped her head so she could surreptitiously study the bar through the shield of her bangs.
Several men milled about the dance floor, looking uncomfortable and awkward, while couples danced the two-step around them. Nothing out of place about that in a bar.
Blondie slid the Franklin across the table and tapped her hand. "Keep the change."
"Why thanks, baby. If you need anything at all, raise your hand. See the brunette, Kelly, over by the bar? She'll see to your every need." Teagan slipped the bill into a pocket inside her vest.
Time to play enforcer, and just in time. She needed to clean this mess up and go on break, if for no other reason than to unwind and figure out why she felt this strung out. If she were human, she’d worry she’d been slipped something, she was so twitchy.
Was it a full moon tonight?
She turned to face Mr. Hands, leaning down slow and low, until his eyes were level with her cleavage.
He grabbed the sides of his chair, leaning closer to her.
Right where she wanted his hands--off her body.
She let her hair fall over one shoulder. "Sweetie, sometimes a little naughty is nice, but every so often, naughty goes, well, too far. Then it’s time for a little lesson in manners. Are you up for a--” She licked her upper lip, sliding her hand up his thigh until she almost brushed the bulge in his jeans. “Lesson?”
He flushed, throwing a victorious grin at his friends. "With a body as hot as you? Hell, you can teach me manners any time."
She brought her mouth to his ear as the band finished their song. Perfect timing.
"Then here's lesson one, hon," she said in a stage whisper all his buddies would hear. She wrapped his package in her palm and squeezed her hand into a fist around it--hard.
"Touch me or one of the other girls again--," she tightened her grip even more.
His eyes bulged in pain, but he sat frozen in place. Men tended to do that when you had them by the baby brains.
"One more time, and I’ll tear your nut sack from your body and feed it to an alley cat."
Such language, but some jerks were also stupid and only understood crass.
Keeping him firmly in hand, she looked at his friends and tilted her head. "I'd feed it to the dog, but she'd barely notice the swallow."


Author Bio:

Marne Ann Kirk grew up wild, exploring the vast high deserts and mountains of the West with her family as a child. Marne Ann loved making up stories and, well, lied about just about everything. Thankfully, she grew out of the lying she calls it story-telling.

Her debut novel, “Love Chosen: Book One of The Fae Dragon Chronicles,” is available now. “Love Dared: Book Two of The Fae Dragon Chronicles,” is coming soon. “Goddess on the Run,” a paranormal romance, will be available September 17, 2012. You can find out more about Marne Ann through her publisher, Crescent Moon Press, or visit her at:  or

Twitter: MarneAnn

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Book Tour: Transcend by Christine Fonseca Character Bio

TRANSCEND by Christine Fonseca

Short Blurb:

All seventeen-year-old composer Ien Montgomery desires is an escape from his family's rigid expectations for his life; someone to inspire his music. When he meets a beautiful violin-prodigy, Kiera McDougal, his life music takes on new life. With her, he imagines a future outside of his parents’ control. That is, until a horrible accident tears them apart. 
Sent to die in a sanatorium, Ien’s obsession for Kiera grows unbearable. Tortured by thoughts he can’t escape and the truth of his monstrous disfigurement, he flees, desperate to exact revenge on the people that ruined his life – his parents. But, vengeance is empty. Betrayed by those closest to him, Ien discovers that the price for his happiness may be his sanity.
Set amidst the landscape of New York's Gilded Age, and inspired by Phantom of the Opera, TRANSCEND exposes the fine line between love and madness.

Character Bio – Introducing Jenna

            Thanks so much for hosting a leg of my tour today! I’d like to introduce you to one of the characters that plays an important role as the story unfolds—Jenna Avery:

Born in 1878, Jenna works in the Montgomery household. Born into her current status, she knows that her place will always be that of servant. She is blond and pale, her hands rough from the hard work she is forced to complete every day. She first came to the Montgomery household as a young child when her mother took a job in the household. Being close in age to Ien, they formed a friendship that has lasted through the years. She is always the one to fill Ien in on the happens of the house. When she turned 13, she stopped her education and joined the ranks of the servants. Although Mrs. Montgomery discourages any friendship between Ien and the staff, Jenna and Ien have maintained their close friendship throughout the years, sharing letters and secrets as they always have. Jenna expects nothing more from her life that what she currently has, though she secretly fantasizes about something much more. 

Jenna Quote:  Jenna drew a long, slow breath. “I know you, Ien. You. And your face…it doesn’t define who you are. Not to me.” (Transcend, p72)

You can learn more about Jenna with a special character interview on 10/4 with the Cover Contessa.

-- Christine Fonseca, Author
Opening the door to new realms

Coming Soon:
FREE on Amazon:
  • DIES IRAE (Requiem .5) - See where the story begins - "Filled with action, emotion, and drama"
  • MEA CULPA (Requiem 1.5) - Zane's story - "Heartbreaking story of love"
Other Titles:

Find me online at my Website and my writer's blog

Praise for Transcend: 

“So powerful, so deep, and dark. It took me on an amazing journey into places most people fear to go...leaving me breathless.”
~Heather McCorkle, Author of To Ride A Puca 

“…hauntingly dark and achingly beautiful. A story of love, loss and obsession set against the decadent backdrop of historic New York that sucked me in and wouldn't let go, from the first page until long after I'd finished.”
~ Michelle McLean, Author of Treasured Lies (Entangled, 2012)

“ The story is disturbing and intense and utterly unique…”
~ Ali Cross, Author of Become

“…thought-provoking and emotionally heart wrenching. I haven’t felt this way after reading in quite a while!”

“It is such a powerful and deep story; it will leave you completely breathless.”
~ Brooke from The Cover Contessa


ISBN: 9780985180478
SPECIAL EDITION Signed and numbered Hardback available for preorder NOW (ships in Decemeber) – for a limited time only, and only form the author. -

About Christine Fonseca:

Critically acclaimed nonfiction and YA author Christine Fonseca is dedicated to helping children of all ages find their voice in the world. Drawing on her expertise as an educational psychologist, her nonfiction titles address issues of emotional intensity, resiliency and giftedness. Her titles include Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students, 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids and The Girl Guide, releasing April 2013.
In fiction, she explores the darker aspects of humanity and delivers gothic thrillers that take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions not to be missed. Recent titles include Dies Irae and Lacrimosa, from the Requiem Series, and the recently released thriller, Transcend. For more information about Christine Fonseca or her books, visit her website – or her blog 

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Book Tour: Derailed by Alyssa Rose Ivy Release Day Blitz

Derailed by Alyssa Rose Ivy
New Adult Contemporary Romance


When you're lost, sometimes the only place you can go is home.

Broken over the death of her fiancé, Molly leaves law school to return to her childhood home in North Carolina. Expecting to lay low until she can figure out what else to do with her life, she finds herself in the arms of her high school sweetheart, the boy who represents everything from the past she tried to leave behind.
Looking for an escape, she instead finds a way back to the girl she almost forgot existed and a future she never dreamed possible.

Buy Links:


Rafflecopter Giveaway -  one print copy (U.S.) and then 2 e-books internationally
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Book Tour: Fairyproof by Constance Phillips Interview & Review & Giveaway

Fairyproof by Constance Phillips
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Date of Publication: September 4, 2012

ISBN: 978-1-937254-75-9
Number of pages: 262
Word Count: 85,000

Cover Artist: Taria Reed

Book Description:

When Monique finds out her brother, Kieran, is planning her future with the one fairy she wants nothing to do with, she seeks refuge in the human world. Now Kieran fears she will be the next victim in a string of murdered fairies and is determined to bring her home.
Hiding should be a breeze. She can control any human with a flirtatious smile and an attraction spell. Until she meets Daniel Elliot, the only human who's immune to both.
A year ago, Daniel's fiancée disappeared with the engagement ring, an Elliot family heirloom. He's ready to move forward with his life, but his mother's obsession with retrieving the ring makes that impossible. Then Monique walks into his office to apply for a job.
Daniel and Monique can't deny their attraction, but will the reason he's Fairyproof be too much to overcome?


I really enjoyed this book. I love how we are not told why she ran away until later in the book. It adds mystery and suspense. I thought that Daniel was great. He was sweet and understanding. Another great thing about this book was that we got to see some parts from Monique, some from Daniel and some from Keiran. We got to see how each character looked to the other. Like we knew what was going on with Monique but when we saw her from Daniel's point of view, you would never know all the craziness in her life. We also got introduced to more characters this way. There is so much conflict within Monique. Right from the beginning you know that she doesn't want to lie about her name or who she is. She wants to talk to and trust her brother but doesn't feel like she can forgive him for what he did. 
4/5 Stars.


Thanks, Alisa, for having me on your blog today and allowing me to talk to you about Fairyproof and my writing. It’s such a thrill for me!

1.     Where did you get the idea for the novel?

I had actually written two manuscripts (Not romance) in a row that were very dark. The stories were pretty depressing and as I started the revision process of going through those scenes over and over again, I really felt my whole outlook on life growing negatively.

I felt like I needed a break and I wanted to write something fun and light hearted. The original draft of Fairyproof was a 20,000 words short story which was all about the romance. However, when I started revising that, I came to the conclusion that I loved these characters and they needed more of a story.

In subsequent rewrites, I wrote the subplot of the fairy murders and the tone migrated. It wasn’t as dark as those other books, but more to my true voice.

2.     Your title. Who came up with it? Did you ever change your title?

“Fairyproof” was suggested to me by a dear friend who had read that rough draft short story. From the moment I heard it, I loved it, and it’s never been changed.

3.     Which came first, the title or the novel? 

            The rough draft of the short story, which served as a light outline for the novel came first.

4.     Since becoming a writer, what’s the most exciting thing to ever happen to you?

Honestly, even though I just sold my first novel this year, I’ve been writing – and consider myself a writer – for more than twenty years. So, I would have to say the sale was the most exciting thing.

5.     What book are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?

            I’ve been so busy with Fairyproof’s release that I haven’t had a lot of time for reading. I’m currently          working on two books from fellow Crescent Moon Press Authors, The Never Prayer by Aaron Ritchey and Medusa, A Love Story by Sasha Summers.
As for books I’ve finished, I just critiqued the upcoming How to Save a Life for my critique partner, Sloan Parker. The book will be released by Loose ID.

6.     What was your first book that you ever wrote (very first one you wrote, not published)?

At its heart, it was a romance. In fact, it was a friends-to-lovers story. It had all the dreadful characteristics of a first novel, and I was forced to shove it under my bed, never see the light of day again.  I will say, the characters were well developed, and maybe one day I’ll resurrect them and give them a better story to star in.

7.     What is your writing process?

            For the most part, I’m a pantser. Before I begin writing, I know the beginning, end and three turning points.  Everything else comes on the fly.

  1. Who are your favorite authors of all time? 
Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward (Don’t make me pick one. Please!)

9.     At a book signing, do you just sign your name or do you write a note? How do you come up with stuff to say? 

I haven’t held a book signing yet, but I have signed books for dear friends who have asked. In all of them I’ve written a short note. It was easy to decide what to write, I just spoke from the heart about what their support means to me.

10.  How do you react to a bad review?

So far, I’ve been very lucky. Fairyproof has been well received. There have been a mediocre review or two and that’s okay. I remind myself that reading is subjective. Not every book appeals to every reader and everyone is entitled to their opinion.
I really am okay with that. It’s part of the animal.

11.  How did you celebrate the sale of your first book?

A very nice dinner with my family and some close friends. It was a wonderful night.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author Bio:

Constance Phillips lives in Ohio with her husband, two ready-to-leave-the-nest children, and four canine kids. Her perfect fantasy vacation would involve hunting Dracula across Europe with her daughter, who also digs that kind of stuff. When she's not writing about fairies, shifters, vamps, and guardian angels, she's working side-by-side with her husband in their hardwood flooring business.
Constance is actively involved in her local Romance Writers of America chapter (MVRWA) and the Southeast Michigan chapter of the United States Pony Club. When not writing or enjoying the outdoors, she loves reality television or can be found at a Rick Springfield concert (just look for the pink Converse high tops).
Constance blogs regularly at
You can also follow her on Twitter or friend her on Facebook.