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Necromancer by Graeme Ing Creating the World & Giveaway

A primeval fiend is loose in the ancient metropolis of Malkandrah, intent on burning it to a wasteland. The city's leaders stand idly by and the sorcerers that once protected the people are long gone.

Maldren, a young necromancer, is the only person brave enough to stand against the creature. Instead of help from the Masters of his Guild, he is given a new apprentice. Why now, and why a girl? As they unravel the clues to defeating the fiend, they discover a secret society holding the future of the city in its grip. After betrayals and attempts on his life, Maldren has reason to suspect everyone he thought a friend, even the girl.

His last hope lies in an alliance with a depraved and murderous ghost, but how can he trust it? Its sinister past is intertwined in the lives of everyone he holds dear.

Can only evil defeat evil?

Creating the setting/world for Necromancer:
A book about necromancers has to feel dark, right? When creating my world, I concentrated on three major areas: Magic, creatures and the location.
Magic: I didn't want lengthy rituals with paraphernalia, chanting and hours of preparation. This is ostensibly an action book. I decided early  on that even though my spells are taught and practised, they can be cast with a single thought and gesture. What I call "shoot-from-the-hip" magic. Since I insist on world consistency, I ruled that every necromancer or sorcerer has a pool of power within him, and there is a limited amount of it beore having to rest. This nicely prevented my magic from becoming all-powerful. The natural ability for magic is severely limited, so magic-users are rare in my world.
                  I gave each spell an interesting sounding name, my favourite being "Walk the Bones", and I mapped out what each spell looked like and its color. Certain spells are effective against certain creatures, so there was a purpose to each. Necromancers should concentrate on the dead, after all, so I created a rationale why necromancy cannot be used against the living. Actually it can, but there are nasty repurcussions, and this is central to the subplot involving the murderous wraith, Caradan.
Creatures: I needed lots of ikky monsters and undead, but I wanted them to be unusual. First off, I had to determine the planes of existence. Some undead can live in the physical world, such as ghouls and wights and other creatures that have risen from the grave. The Gray is a monochrome shadow of the real world, home to various non-corporeal spirits and ghosts. The Deep is a monstrous plane of infernal and very nasty creatures, like the fire elemental and demons. Necromancer has a solid mix of creature types, and this is what the Guild of Necromancers does - protects the living from all these monsters living among them.
                  And some of them are nasty indeed! My favourite is the grak, an example of what happens when a necromancer meddles with other-worldy creatures. The Lochtar is another sinister example of how man can summon spirits to do his bidding - if he is very careful! I hope both of these make the reader shudder.
Location: I wanted my backdrop to ooze with a sinister, horror-filled mood. The city is huge, full of labyrinthine, gloomy alleys and narrow streets where the buildings appear to loom and lean inward. If you lived here you would hurry home before sundown and lock your door. The first chapter shows what nastiness awaits if you open your door after dark! Then there is the undercity: Miles and miles of underground sewers, tunnels, crypts and catacombs, with stairs descending into the bowels of the Earth. Smugglers utilize the sewers and underground rivers to move goods and people around, and these are not the people to take home to mother!
                  High above the sprawl of the city lurks the moors, often draped in a spooky fog that rolls in from the ocean. Here, my necromancer hero must venture into a long-forgotten burial mound, and its occupant is not at all friendly.
Other Details: Those three items are just the start. I also designed the geopolitical scene. The city is the capital of one of many kingdoms, and just to be different, I decided that there was no King at present but a Crown Prince, whose coronation forms a pivotal scene in the book. A High Council forms an advisory board for the Prince, comprised of influential aristocrats and leaders of the prominent guilds in the city. Religion is represented by a pantheon of pagan Gods with prominent temples in the richer areas of the city. I never create a setting without purpose, so the High Council, the temples, all of these things are important to the plot of Necromancer, not just window dressing.
                  All that remained were the details that provide flavour: the food, the drink, clothing, modes of transport, names of inns and so on. I'm guilty of describing food a lot in my books, so don't get too hungry reading them!
                  To me, the setting is another character in the book. Worldbuilding is such a fun part of writing fantasy. I want readers to come away feeling that they have actually lived a while in my world, and that the places become familiar and interesting enough that they want to visit again. That's my goal. Only the reader can say if I have succeeded.
Thank you for featuring me on your blog today. :)

She glanced at me then the ground below, but only clung tighter. A man appeared at the window, his teeth bared. Four scratches on his cheek oozed red. White drool speckled his trimmed beard. He clawed at her. She scrunched her eyes shut and wailed.

With a crack, the casement tore free, and she plummeted into my arms. We tumbled to the ground and the smoke surrounded us like a pack of wild animals.

I rolled to my feet, helped her up, and dragged her down the street, holding my breath as long as I could. She coughed and choked, resisting my pull. Murder flared in her eyes. I slapped her.

“Trust me. Hold your breath and stay with me.” I yanked her forward.

I shouldn’t have spoken. Smoke surged down my throat and I gagged.

Rage ignited inside me. I wanted to tear out her rabid eyes. My arm squeezed hers until she cried out, and I knew that I could break it with a twist, could snap her entire frail body. My gaze fixed on her pale, sweat-soaked throat. It invited me to choke the life from her, watch her struggle and finally go limp. My pulse quickened. Anger flooded my veins. Then my hands were around her throat, squeezing, crushing. She coughed and drooled thick, white saliva. Her blue eyes locked with mine but she put up no resistance. A smile twitched on her lips as my thumbs dug deeper. Ah, the sweet moment of superiority. How would it feel to kill? Delicious. It washed the tight pain from my head.

Something flickered deep within me. This was wrong.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Graeme Ing engineers original fantasy worlds, both YA and adult, but hang around, and you’ll likely read tales of romance, sci-fi, paranormal, cyberpunk, steampunk or any blend of the above.

Born in England in 1965, Graeme moved to San Diego, California in 1996 and lives there still. His career as a software engineer and development manager spans 30 years, mostly in the computer games industry. He is also an armchair mountaineer, astronomer, mapmaker, pilot and general geek. He and his wife, Tamara, share their house with more cats than he can count.



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Twitter: @GraemeIng




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Naked Montreal by Laura Roberts Creating the Characters & Giveaway

Business is pleasure for Francesca “Frankie” Parker, Montreal’s go-to guide for all things seductive in the Underground City. “Sexy Tourism for Canada’s Fetish Capital” is what her card promises, and mon ami, she delivers. So toss the travel pamphlets and enjoy your tour as Frankie leads you deep into the Sin City of the North and all your wildest fantasies. If you haven’t developed a fetish yet, don’t worry – by the time Frankie bids you adieu, you may have a hard time choosing a favorite!

Conjuring Sex Appeal: Creating the Cast of Naked Montreal
By Laura Roberts

Naked Montreal is a relatively unique series, in that my main character, Francesca (aka Frankie), is one of the only constants in a growing cast of characters. As a tour guide to Montreal’s Underground City – which includes everything the official guidebooks don’t want visitors to know about, from sex shops and strip clubs to restaurants where you can eat sushi off live nude girls – she’s the one that sets up all of the action and gives background information on the places her clients visit. So naturally, she needs to be knowledgeable as well as charming, seductive, dressed to kill, and eager to please.

Frankie’s a fun character, because she’s seen it all before, but loves to introduce newcomers to her city. My main inspiration for Frankie’s character came from my own time as a sex columnist in Montreal. I often felt a bit like a tour guide, writing my weekly columns about different places in the city that catered to people’s sexual appetites, giving them an insider’s view of places like the “sexy breakfast” joints where waitresses serve coffee and pancake topless or the sex shop that aimed to please women rather than men.

Collecting all of these stories each week, there was inevitably plenty of information I had to leave out, due to space constraints, and I ended up jotting additional notes into a file that eventually became Naked Montreal. Lucky for Frankie, she gets to get out of the house and explore all of Montreal’s sexiest secret spots while she’s on the clock. It’s definitely a better-paid gig than that of a newspaper columnist, despite what Sex and the City might have led you to believe.

One writer friend has compared Frankie to Virgil, Dante’s tour guide through Hell in the Divine Comedy, although I like to envision her more as a bawdy Beatrice, guiding visitors through Montreal’s eternal pleasures.

As for my colorful cast of supporting characters, however, it’s always something new!

Frankie has a few associates from the sex industry that she calls on for information, advice and companionship. These characters include Joy Hendricks, the proprietor of Joy Toys (a woman-friendly sex shop); Honey Lee, a self-made indie porn star and director; El Greco, a male escort who enjoys the kinky side of sex; and a trio of French-speaking male strippers named Jean-Marc, Maxime and Luc.

Joy is a completely fictional character, even though there is a real sex shop in Montreal by the name of Joy Toyz. I thought it would be fun for the owner of a woman-positive sex shop to be all-business with her clients, yet eager to tease – and please – an intimate like Frankie. Since they frequently share business associates (Frankie, as the fixer, will bring groups of women to the store for parties where they can sample toys in a private space, sans judgment), they’ve become close enough to flirt with one another. Joy and Frankie are both open to same-sex relationships, too, so they’ve hooked up a few times over the years.

Honey Lee (who appears in Part Two) is someone Frankie met when they were both a bit younger, stripping as a way to pay the bills. Both of them were ultimately more entrepreneurial-minded and couldn’t stand having to share their hard-earned dollars with so many men (a pitfall of most strip clubs), so while Honey branched off into creating adult videos for her own website, Frankie began setting up her sexy Montreal tours to reel in the tourist dollars. I haven’t fully explored their relationship yet, but I do know that Frankie also worked for Honey at some point as an amateur adult film actress, which she found more rewarding than working as a cam girl for another local company – and I will definitely be including more scenes with Frankie and Honey Lee in my forthcoming additions to the Naked Montreal series!

El Greco appears in Part One in a brief cameo. He doesn’t get to strut his stuff, due to some plot twists, but he’ll be back to show off the goods to a few lucky ladies in another installment. Although he’s won Mr. Leather contests in the past and loves men more than women, he’s got the buff body women love and doesn’t mind swinging both ways to make a buck.

Jean-Marc, Maxime and Luc are a package deal, and a bit of an amalgamation of different fun-loving, sexy guys I met while dating in Montreal. These three happen to be male strippers, frequently found onstage at two of the city’s clubs, giving women plenty to froth over. Jean-Marc likes to seduce women with his French accent and any number of absurd pick-up lines that make no sense when translated to English. Maxime is more of a goth and a book nerd, quoting Rilke and seducing women with poetry he scribbles in a Moleskine notebook that can always be found in his back pocket. Luc is the rock star of the trio, concentrating more on his hip-shaking dances to woo women. Together they occasionally moonlight as escorts, and Frankie considers them her go-to guys for entertaining female visitors to the city. In Part One we find them whooping it up in an absinthe bar, teaching three American women how to properly fly with the green fairy.

Of course, there are always plenty of visitors to Montreal, and lots of them like to look Frankie up for a good time. Perhaps you will, too?

My name's Francesca Parker, but everyone calls me Frankie. I'm a tour guide, in case you hadn't guessed. Mostly because I love facts – or perhaps more correctly, I'm addicted to trivia.

I like to know exactly how many people live in my city at any given time (currently 3.6 million), because I enjoy picturing them all having sex. I like to know how our male/female demographics break down (48% male, 51% female) so I can accurately picture the possible threesomes (FFM, not MMF, though it depends on the swingers in question). I like knowing there are about 15,000 rainbow flag-waving LGBTQ folks living in The Village; that an average Montrealer's yearly income is around $68,000 (Canadian, bien sûr), that the average price of an evening out is around $125, and the median age of city residents is 39. All of these facts and figures help, in my line of work.

And not for the reasons you might think.

Showing people around town is relatively easy. Montreal's a beautiful city, full of cobblestones, spiral staircases, and quaint 19th century French architecture. It has the je ne sais quoi that the tourists love. But it's not what they come to me for.

They come to have a good time. Good food, strong drinks, a little dancing – and a little more, if you know what I mean. Not the average tourist stuff, the Bateau Mouche on the river, dinner on Mount Royal. They can get that from any guide in the city. They come to me for l'amour.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Laura Roberts writes about sex, travel and ninjas. Because what's better than hot sex on a dream vacation while dodging shuriken?

As the author of the “V for Vixen” sex column, Laura began her career writing about Montrealers’ sexcapades, which have been collected together for her book, The Vixen Files. Blending real-life observations with fictional fantasies, she’s penned parts 1 and 2 of her serial novel, Naked Montreal, along with the short story collection The Montreal Guide to Sex, saucy poetry volume 69 Sexy Haiku, and satirical novella Ninjas of the 512. She’s currently hard at work on a sexy murder mystery entitled The Case of the Cunning Linguist.

Laura lives in an Apocalypse-proof bunker in sunny SoCal with her artist husband and their literary kitties, and blogs regularly at



Signed by the author via Authorgraph:

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Curvy Girl's Guide to Love Trilogy by Kristabel Reed Excerpt & Giveaway

Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl's Earl

Audrey Mills is in London to organize a charity fashion event, where she meets Duncan Collins, the Earl of Thronhill. Confident in her curves, Audrey doesn't expect Duncan to want more than a holiday fling. But when things begin to heat up, will she panic and run?

Boss Likes Curves: A Curvy Girl's Billionaire

VP of Development, Sabrina McKenna, has worked hard to get where she is with Gideon Hotels. When Gideon Marquez asks her to attend several important business functions, Sabrina agrees. It's only after 2 months of these functions that she realizes they've been dating. And she's fallen hard for her boss. Can Gideon convince her what he feels for her is forever? Or will Sabrina's insecurities make her flee?

Curvy's Cad: A Curvy Girl's Mistake?

Eliza Lyons isn't interested in Craig Grant's attentions beyond the platonic. He's a playboy and boy does she know better. They lunch, they gossip, he tells her things about her current dates she doesn't want to hear and she thinks he'll never outgrow his playboy ways. Then Craig lays down the gauntlet and informs her he intends to show her what a real seduction is.

Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl’s Earl:

“That was cruel, Ms. Mills,” Thornhill stated. His eyes twinkled with amusement, and a slow smile spread over his lips. “You’d curse me to an evening of inane conversation, followed by inappropriate groping?”

“You don’t strike me as a man to shun inappropriate groping,” Audrey added with a smile of her own.

“Well…not from the right woman.” He pushed off the wall, all coiled grace and sex.

Audrey studied him for a long moment. Suddenly their conversation had turned from a game of fun flirting to more. Much more. She came to the astonishing conclusion that this shockingly handsome tall drink of deliciousness was actually into her. She could feel her eyes widen as she looked up at him.

“Come now, Ms. Mills.” Thornhill took a step closer, his gaze steady on hers. “I can’t believe you aren’t pursued every waking moment.”

“I must admit while I’m used to the delivery man or the odd photographer appreciating my curvaceous figure,” Audrey was surprised her voice held steady. “You are my very first…earl.”

“It’s good to be first.” His smile was slow and suggestive, and it took Audrey more than one moment to look away from his lips. What would they feel like against hers? What did he taste like? She licked her own lips at the thought, and then regretted it when his eyes followed the move.

Maybe not regret, not if the rush of heat through her was any indication. No definitely not regret.

“So, what do you say?” Thornhill asked, his voice low, a caress over her bare skin. “Will you rescind your rejection and accompany me to dinner tonight?”

A million things went through Audrey’s mind—everything from Is he joking? to Can I really do this? It would be such a fantasy to enjoy this man, to joke with him, to kiss him. To have him. Audrey had never really fallen headlong into the self-esteem chubby girl trap, but she still knew full well that this type of pairing never happened. Never.

She tore her gaze from his mouth, a small, thin voice telling her that wondering what he tasted like was the last damn thing she should be wondering. “Between two evils, I always pick the one I’ve never tried before.” The Mae West quote raced through her mind, and she heard herself saying, “I suppose it would nice to experience London with a native.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Kristabel Reed lives on the East Coast and loves to explore the steamier side of historical romance. Historical ménages in particular-they add an element of danger and discovery to make them all the hotter. Contemporary ménages are a world unto themselves, and her upcoming Havenbrook Ménages Series will tell the tale of a small California town.

She loves reading, watching old movies, and anything Cary Grant. And is always interested in talking about erotic romance. Because...yum!

Join in the conversation! Wickedly Wanton Tales Blog and to join my mailing list. Follow me on Twitter:

Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl's Earl

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Boss Likes Curves: A Curvy Girl's Billionaire

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Curvy's Cad: A Curvy Girl's Mistake?

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The Muse by Nancy Fraser Interview & Giveaway

Privileged Hyde Park socialite, Susan Leland, wants more from life than being a rich man’s daughter. She wants excitement, daring, but most of all, she wants to explore her sexuality. A chance meeting with artist Evan Forrester, a man she’d met purely by ‘accident’ months earlier, leads Susan on a journey of sensual discovery that not only includes the handsome Evan, but also sultry torch singer, Holly Winters. Together, the singer and the artist uncover Susan’s utmost desires and unleash her inner vamp.


  1. Where did you get the idea for the novel?

I’d just completed a holiday novella for inclusion in one of my publisher’s anthologies. It was set in the 1920s. During my research, I was struck by the outright decadence of the time period. I found some of the information on prohibition to be very interesting, including the fact that not everyone had to abide by the laws. One article I read summed up the era as one of experimentation and sexual discovery. What better catalyst for an erotic romance?

  1. Your title. Who came up with it? Did you ever change your title?

I did. I’d honestly found myself in somewhat of a rut while righting conventional romance (no matter how steamy). I needed to jumpstart my creativity. My muse seemed to be pointing me in the direction of erotica and demanding I step out of my comfort zone. So, the book is named in her honor.

  1. Why did you pick this genre? What do you like about it?

Actually, it kind of picked me. There was a submission call for one of my publishers. They were looking for over-the-top historical romances with nothing off limits. I began the story with them in mind. However, about 3 chapters in, the call was cancelled. I thought of setting the story aside, but my muse wouldn’t let me. What I like most about writing erotica (I now have 3 under my belt) is the freedom to do or say anything you want, and to have your character’s also step out of their comfort zone.

  1. Since becoming a writer, what’s the most exciting thing to ever happen to you?

Probably the most exciting is still receiving my first box of books in the mail … way back in 1996. A writer never forgets their first book. Also, hitting the Amazon Top 100 historical authors on two occasions was a big thrill. Each book brings a new sense of excitement with it, whether it’s signing at RWA’s literacy event or receiving a great review.

  1. What book are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?

Right at the moment, I’m not reading anything, I’m just writing. The last book I read was a research book on post-Civil war Mississippi.

  1. What is your writing process?

I’d like to say I have one, but my discipline and writing schedule isn’t nearly as tight as I’d like. I do keep a calendar of writing goals and try to stick to it as best as I can. I’m an organizer, so each book has its own nook on my computer. Once I’ve created a virtual home for my new project, I create a basic chapter outline and start my book-specific media kit. Then, I begin from page one. IF an idea comes to me that I know I’ll use later, I do keep a “notebook” where I jot down ideas, full paragraphs if the mood strikes me, or a witty piece of dialogue I may want her heroine to share with the hero.

  1. At a book signing, do you just sign your name or do you write a note? How do you come up with stuff to say?

I always personalize my autographs. I ask the person’s name and then, most often, I’ll thank them for buying my book. With so many romance novels out there to choose from, I feel humbled that they’ve chosen mine. My most used phrase would have to be: Thank you so much for choosing my book today. It means a lot to me. I wish you happy reading. (Or some variation of this.)

  1. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Most likely my age. When I tell a perfect stranger that I write sexy romances/erotica, I get some really weird looks. Hey, people, romance and even steamy sex doesn’t stop with age. Most often, it only gets better.

  1. How do you react to a bad review?

I’d be lying if I said they don’t affect me. Nobody wants a bad review. I’ve been around long enough to know you can’t please everyone all the time. However, as I try to impress on younger/new authors, a review is one person’s opinion only and subjective at that. When mixed in with a number of good reviews, a bad review can also help you. It often piques a reader’s curiosity to know whether they’d side with the few or the many. In the long run, though, chocolate and Bailey’s over ice can ease the sting of any poor review.

  1. How did you celebrate the sale of your first book?

With my critique partners over an expensive steak dinner. Two of us in the four-person critique group sold to Kensington and became part of their launch books for their new (at the time) Precious Gems line. It was a joint venture between Kensington and Walmart, and it died a quick and painful death just three years after it began.

Susan Leland handed her fox stole to the scantily dressed coat-check girl, took possession of the claim stub, and tucked it into her clutch. Off in the distance, she heard the smooth tones of jazz music, the clink and clatter of fine china and fancy glassware, the raucous laughter of the well-heeled patrons as they dined in elegance and gossiped about their friends and neighbors.

“Good evening, Miss Leland.”

“Good evening, Andre. Is Mr. Adams here yet?”

“No, but Mr. Carlson arrived a few moments ago. I seated him at your usual spot.”

Susan wound her way through the richly adorned tables until she reached the far side of the large stage. “Hello, Steven.”

Steven Carlson stood, captured Susan’s hand in his, pressed a quick kiss to her fingertips and then waited while she accepted the chair Andre pulled out for her.

“Hi, Susie-Q. You look absolutely ravishing, as always.”

“Thank you. You’re pretty well turned out yourself, for someone who’s spent his entire day behind a desk, pushing a pencil over some stuffy legal papers.”

“It’s called a job, Susan,” Steven replied sarcastically. “You should try it some time.”

“I do work,” she insisted. “I volunteer three days a month at the home for the aged. And, I’m thinking about writing a book, a tawdry little novel about a woman who falls in love with an absolute cad. I’ll call him Steven.” Not expecting a response, she glanced toward the door and asked, “Any idea how long we’ll have to wait for Will this evening?”

Steven turned as she had, scanning the large dining room. “Knowing Will, it’s likely he’s just now leaving his friend’s apartment on the north side.”

She settled back into her chair. The revelation that the young man she’d known since their teenage years had been hiding a huge secret from her sat uncomfortably on her shoulders. “Is he doing all right since his family turned him out?”

“He’s doing fine. Justin is a good man and won’t let any harm come to Will.”

For as long as their illicit liaison lasts. Susan pursed her lips, holding in the first thought that came to mind.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Like most authors, Nancy Fraser began writing at an early age, usually on the walls and with crayons or, heaven forbid, permanent markers. Her love of writing often made her the English teacher’s pet, which, of course, resulted in a whole lot of teasing. Still, it was worth it.

When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy dotes on her five beautiful grandchildren and looks forward to traveling and reading when time permits. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.

Twitter: @nfraserauthor

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