Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

I really liked this book! Its interesting and exciting. It has danger and romance mixed together. It has a great storyline. I loved it. I recommend it to everyone looking for a good read. I felt like i could relate to what the main character was going through even though she isn't even human. I cant wait to read the next one in the series, this book left so much open for the second.
Sister's Opinion: "It was really good, i liked reading it. I liked the paranormal action and romance in the book. It's a book you can read more than once."
New addition to my reviews ^ Sister's Opinion.
~Alisia :)

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  1. This book is so amazing. The whole time Jacinda is torn between giving her mother and sister the normal human life they both crave and refusing to let her inner draki die. I think it is great to read about such a strong character. Jacinda is determined not to lose the only part of her that truly makes her happy. And on a lighter note could Sophie have written Will any hotter? I think NOT! He is probably the best male love interest I have read in a while. Oh and just to give those of you who have not read it yet another teaser. Will has a few secrets of his own....