Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Almost Perfect by Julie Ortolon

Almost Perfect by Julie Ortolon
Published Date: March 19, 2011
Length: 290 print pages
Format: e-book

Three friends are happy for another friend for getting her book published. They didn't know that they were used as examples of how fear can control your life. After finding out, they decide to change that. To do the thing they wanted most. They have one year to complete their tasks. Will they finally take control of their lives? Or will fear control them?
Maddy, Christine and Amy have been best friends since college. Opposites really do attract because these girls couldn't be more opposite. It is easy to relate to at least one of these ladies. It's also understandable to have the fears they had. Everyone wants to reach for the dreams but there is always something in the way, a fear of something. Some people get over it, while others don't. 
You are drawn in to this book from the beginning. You want to know if they will be able to overcome their fears and finally get their dreams.  The story is fun, exciting and makes you want to overcome your fear. 
Maddy has to get her artwork shown at at least one place, working at a summer camp near a bunch of galleries makes it easy. But there is one problem, Joe (her high school sweetheart) runs the camp and it didn't end well between them. As Maddy and Joe grow closer and apart again and then closer, yeah you get the idea, Maddy's dream changes but Joe doesn't quite like that. He wants her to have a great art career. She just wants him.  What happens to them?? Find out for yourself in this fun and sexy book. Spoiler (they both get what they want)!
I love that little extra at the end that is set a bit in the future! I believe that the other two books are about the other two friends and how they complete their tasks! Which is just awesome, cant wait to read them!

I really enjoyed this book, i recommend it for anyone looking for a romance read!
4.3/5 stars


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