Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mini Review: Summer on the Mountain by Rosemarie Naramore

Summer on the Mountain by Rosemarie Naramore

Publisher: Rosemarie Naramore ( Jan 27, 2012)
Length: 164 print pages
Format: E-book

Summary from Amazon:
When artist Summer Windham is offered the chance to vacation at her boss, Gwendolyn’s, mountain cabin, she’s delighted. There’s a catch, however. Gwendolyn wants her to paint a landscape to gift to her husband. Although Summer is experiencing “painter’s” block, she agrees to give it a go. On the mountaintop, she meets her boss’s ruggedly handsome forest ranger son, and the two immediately clash. He’s convinced his mother is playing matchmaker and he simply doesn’t have the time to be bothered. Or, does he?

I really enjoyed this book! I love how into the outdoors Summer was. I also liked how she wasn't interested in Jarrod or at least pretended like she wasn't and then you could see how her feelings grow. I also LOVED how they met! What I didn't really like was how when (SPOILER) Jarrod had to spend time camping on the mountain, looking for the poachers, the two were always rushed when he visited Summer. I liked that Summer had a part in finding the poachers
Overall, I really liked this book. It was interesting and fun, with some sweet thrown in.
3.7 to 4 stars.


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