Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book Tour: Dracula's Desire by Linda Mercury Excerpt & Giveaway

Dracula’s Desire

By Linda Mercury 



Revealing herself as the Dracula of legend, much less a woman, should have been Valerie Tate’s greatest challenge. But with her longing for blood quenched by the one man she couldn’t resist, Valerie now finds herself in an impossible circumstance…

Out Of The Shadows…

It’s a fact that vampires do not get pregnant. But Valerie is definitely pregnant. Worse, six months ago her lover, Lance Soleil, abandoned her. Determined to find answers, Valerie goes on a quest—one that leads her to Lance’s childhood friend, John Janté, a man with whom she shares a strong bond—and an intense lust. But when John is kidnapped, Valerie’s attempt to rescue him uncovers more than she bargained for…

Into The Fire…

Scouring parallel realms and pocket dimensions, Valerie soon finds that Lance has regained Paradise as Angel of the Lost…John is hostage in a bizarre world that resembles Victorian London…and most shocking of all, Valerie’s greatest love may be within her reach once more. For the soul of Dracula’s dead wife, Ilona, is trapped within John’s captor, a mad woman robbed of her humanity and manipulated by a conspiracy of Fallen Angels. Now, torn between past and present loves, Valerie must contend with emotions that threaten to break her. And in a desperate show-down, the reunited triad of a vampire, an angel, and a human, must face their deepest fears—with the future of an unborn angel-to-be in the balance…


Vlad II did not have a son. He had a daughter, one he raised as a boy in order to pretend the house had plenty of heirs.
     As a youth, Vlad III was sent to the Ottomans as a hostage to ensure peace between Romania and the mighty Turks. Horrible torture became a daily event for the child fully cementing her self-identity as a man. Many years later, close to his own death, he defied the Dark Angel in order to kill his former oppressors.
Vlad did ally with leaders as varied as Napoleon and Hitler in order to create his vision of a world where women could walk the streets in safety. Blinded by his dream, he did not question himself until it was obvious that the Second World War was a lost cause for the Germans. Vlad faked his own death. Finally, she was able to live as a woman after nearly six hundred years as a man.
     Desperate for redemption for her involvement in the war, she hunted Nazis, succeeding until only her brother, Radu Tepes, was left.
That was when Dracula fell in love with a Fallen Angel and completely fucked up her life.

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Linda Mercury left behind her varied careers as a librarian, art model, and professional clown to pursue writing. She’s interested in writing, romance, the Middle East, reading, organizing, cooking, hand-made silk Turkish rugs, and the Nike of Samothrace.

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