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Book Tour: The Gypsy's Dance by Charlie Daye Review

The Gypsy’s Dance by 
Charlie Daye

The Hunter’s Series book 1

Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1478278634

Number of pages: 334 approx
Word Count: 81,888

Book Description: 

Oralia Simone just turned eighteen and discovered that she has been promised to someone by her parents for marriage. Not wanting to shame her family she agrees to participate in the matching celebration where she will dance for her betrothed.

Niko Raydon is a Hunter. He and his kind are what police the magical community and make sure that no one uses dark magic to harm another. Niko finds himself drawn to a small Gypsy village on the night of their annual matching celebration because of the use of dark magic.

Tobias McGrath is next in line to lead his clan of Gypsy's. He's been promised Oraila Simone - the most beautiful woman in the clan and intends to make her his no matter the cost.

When Oralia meets Niko the connection between them is instant and despite her impending marriage to Tobias she wants to be with Niko and he with her. But will their love be enough to set her free or will Tobias's use of evil magic tear them apart for good?


I loved this book. It was interesting and sweet (and hot)  with a bit of drama and black magic. I liked Oraila a lot. She is just who she is. She is honest and sweet and cares for others. She always wants to help. 
Every time she went into the other realm, I felt like her life on Earth froze. She didn't have to worry about Tobias or his black magic. 
When it got to a crazy part, I thought that it was almost over. But then I kept turning the pages! It is a great length!
You get to see this whole new world with her. You see how Niko and her really grow together even more. I love Niko family. All the men do everything possible to keep the women safe even though they can take care of themselves. I love how Oraila brings part of her world (dancing) to her new world. 
I would be really interested in reading about Markus's story. 
4.3/5 Stars.

Short Excerpt: 

The time had finally come for the annual matching celebration. Oralia had been dreading this day for the last six months.
         It was six months ago that Oralia’s parents, Patrick and Efanie, had sat her down to inform her that they finally decided it was time she married. Having only turned eighteen two weeks prior Oralia was mortified. She had no desire to marry, much less with any of the men from her clan. It’s true there were a few that were pleasant to look at but for the most part her options were limited and it’s not like she got a choice in the matter. Her parents would make the arrangements prior to the celebration then hand her over like some gift wrapped prize to be won after the celebratory dance was completed.The wedding itself would take a place sometime within the month following the celebration.
         The entire process disgusted Oralia. She considered herself a free spirit and had no desire to settle down. She wanted to step out and see the world, to experience new things, meet new people and have the opportunity to choose for herself whom she wanted to love.
         Life at times could be so unfair.

About the Author:

Charlie Daye began writing at the tender age of thirteen. With an obsession for romance, happy endings and the supernatural she delves into your greatest fantasies and worst nightmares. She will have you laughing, crying, falling in love and getting angry. She will always give you a HEA but getting there is the journey worth taking.
Charlie Daye was born in Lynwood, California. Her greatest passions are music and writing. Her first short story was written at the age of thirteen. At the time her entire class was asked to write a short story for Halloween as part of a homework assignment. Most of the kids in the class wrote one to two page stories... Charlie wrote eight. The short story titled The Haunted House went on to win her district wide awards and was published locally. From there she began writing poetry as means of expression. Since then Charlie has written five full length novels, three of which are currently available for sale, and one novella. 

She has several other books in the works and looks forward to sharing her various worlds with you.

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