Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Tour: Once Upon A Second Chance by Marian Vere Excerpt


Julia’s life seemed to be falling perfectly into place. She had burgeoning job
prospects in the finance industry, an exciting life in New York City, and a wonderful fiancé,
Nick Kerkley, who she was totally in love with. Nick however, while being completely
devoted to Julia, did not have the career potential or financial stability to be worthy of
someone like her — or at least that’s what she came to convince herself. Hesitantly, Julia
ended the relationship, forcing herself to believe it would all be for the best. Little did she
know, that one decision would lead both their lives to spiral away from each other, only to converge again.
What happens to your fairytale when you let someone else wave the magic wand? Will your dreams of love and
enchantment still come true, or will your ‘happily ever after’ pass by without you?
Once Upon a Second Chance is a contemporary retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.
Smart and deliciously satisfying, Once Upon a Second Chance delivers irresistible characters and deft plotting. Peppered with self-deprecating banter, the reader feels Julia Basham’s pain as Jules is forced to face her greatest fear: seeing Nick Kerkley again. Heartstrings are tugged, while Vere weaves a stylishly fashioned love story based on Jane Austen’s Persuasion. - Regina Jeffers, author of Darcy’s Passions, The Phantom of Pemberley, and The Disappearance of Georgiana Darcy


As soon as I look up I see that he’s watching me. Our eyes lock, and he gives me a smile that makes my toes curl. God damn it all! It is ridiculous how much I still love this man!

I quickly turn my attention to the person talking, though my peripheral vision never leaves Nick. He slowly makes his way around the parameter of the group; my heart pounds just a little harder and harder until he is right next to me. I wonder if he can hear it.
Okay, now is your chance, say something to him.
I take a deep breath, turn my shoulders toward him slightly. “Hi.”
Hi? Dear God.
Okay, say something intelligent next time, idiot!
“Hi,” he replies with a grin.
“I’m glad you came,” I say before I can stop myself.
“Me too.” He really needs to stop looking gorgeous, or I’m going to be on the floor. “You…you look beautiful.”
He really is trying to kill me! My cheeks are on fire before I can even try to stop it. “Thank you,” I say, or at least try to say. I’m not sure any sound comes out.
“This is nice,” he says after a moment, glancing around the room. “I really didn’t know what to expect. Do they do this every year?” We’re completely facing each other now, and I relax. It’s just so easy to be around him.
“Pretty much. It’s always at a different location, but just as…grandiose. It’s a big company with big clients; they want to make sure they impress everyone. This might be my favorite one so far. I like the library idea. At least someone was being creative.”
“I like it too. I didn’t even know you could have events like this here. Maybe next year they can rent out Yankee Stadium; that would be fun,” he adds with a chuckle.
“It would be, but I’m sure that’s much too low brow,” I say with a snotty inflection and an eye roll. “Besides, you hate the Yankees.” I blush suddenly and look down as I realize that I’ve just openly acknowledged our past for the first time since this reunion began. Something in his smile tells me he realizes it too.
“Okay, maybe Madison Square Garden then.” He grins.
I smile without having to think about it. This feels so comfortably familiar. So easy. The two of us have slipped into our own private bubble, and it happened so fluidly that the rest of the group doesn’t even seem to notice. Which is all for the better as I would be happy to stay this way forever. After a few moments I realize that we have fallen silent, but it’s not awkward; there’s only a strange but relaxing feeling of relief, like taking a breath after being underwater. I sip my wine and look up, meeting his gaze. Our eyes lock and my heart races again.
“Actually, Jules,” he says, quieter now, not breaking our stare, “there is something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about.”
The intensity in his eyes makes my heart jump into my throat, and the room suddenly feels like it’s a thousand degrees. For a few seconds I can only stare back at him, afraid to blink or he might disappear. I take a breath, but before I can get my first syllable out, something catches my eye from across the room. I glance over, and my heart stops. There, working his way through the crowded room, is Zach.
Oh God, no!

About the Author:

Marian Vere is a twenty eight year old writer of Women's Fiction. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she received her degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in--oddly enough--vocal music performance, only to later discover her love of writing and storytelling. Marian is represented by Carly Watters of PS Literary, and currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her Husband, and two daughters.


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