Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book Tour: Flirting With Fangs by Peg Pierson Promo & Giveaway

Flirting with Fangs by Peg Pierson

Vampire romance novelist Bailey Hamilton thinks her life is over. Her two-timing husband dumped her, she has a paralyzing case of writers’ block, and her big toe is bleeding.

Torin Kane, fictional Vampire Hero, is miserable. Chapter after chapter he has battled dragons, demons, and despicable villains, but his secret desire is to find true love and a tan. 

With a twist of fate, their worlds collide. A magical teardrop summons Torin to life. And Bailey finds herself face to face, with quite literally, the man of her dreams….                      

What Reviewers Are Saying About Flirting with Fangs:

“Peg Pierson truly brings her hero to life with this fantastically funny vampire tale. I cannot wait to see what this author comes up with next. I’m still holding my sides from laughing so much while reading this story. If the next adventure is only half as funny it will well be worth reading.” ~Night Owl Reviews

“I'm looking forward to reading more of her work. I enjoyed the wild tale of romance, terror, and undying love. She has a very interesting imagination and can summon up horrors Stephen King wouldn't think to put together in one book.”


Page 51
Bailey stared incredulously at the mirror. She saw her own tie-dye shirt, damp brown hair, and big blue eyes. She lifted moist palms to the fake Torin’s chest. So did her reflection.
                  Dumbstruck, Bailey watched in the mirror as her palms splayed the air like a mime caught in an invisible box. She could have picked her nose, stuck out her tongue, or popped a zit. And she would have been able to see it all just fine.
 Because Bailey realized, in one earth-shattering, life changing moment, that the singing telegram guy was indeed a real vampire. 
Not just any old vampire, but her vampire, Torin Kane, the dark warrior hero she had created from the deepest and most secret corners of her heart. The vampire she’d spent countless hours with over the last six years, bringing to life for herself and her fans, over and over again on the pages of her novels.
Trembling, Bailey took a step back. Her mind reeled. Heat swept her cheeks, and her stomach lurched.
Richard had broken her heart, and he was only a man. The knowledge of what could happen to her heart in the arms of Torin Kane, dark warrior, shook her to the core.
Because Torin wasn’t just a man…and he wasn’t just a vampire. He was quite literally, the courageous vampire hero of her dreams.

About the Author:

Peg Pierson is a full-fledged Fang Fanatic and slightly deranged Halloween Enthusiast, with a closet full of plywood coffins, an assortment of plastic dismembered body parts, and of course…skeletons.

Currently, she lives in Minnesota and is busily typing away on a new paranormal comedy. Along with vampires, she loves her family, pecan kringle, and a good laugh.

Please visit her at www.flirtingwithfangs.com




  1. Hey Alisia, Thanks for hosting! I love all things funny and all things vampire, so it made sense to write a comedy romance about the creatures of the night. If you are a fan like me, of Mary Janice Davidson, I think you'll enjoy Flirting with Fangs.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Sounds like an interesting read. I enjoy books about vampires as well as other supernatural beings (real or not) in them. Hope to read your book soon.
    Happy Holidays,