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Book Tour: Intoxicated by Jeana E. Mann Guest Post & Giveaway

Love is intoxicating, but the hangover can be agony...

Conservative, straight-laced Ally Taylor has the perfect life – successful fiancé, beautiful home, great career – until she catches her fiancé and best friend in bed. Desperate to shake off the sting of rejection, Ally heads to Felony, a notorious heavy metal club on the bad side of town. Even more dangerous than the bar is Jack Jameson, the hunky alpha male bartender whose smoldering dark eyes and dimpled smile turns her common sense to mush and her knees to noodles. After eight long years in a failed romance, the last thing Ally wants is to hook up with someone like Jack, but she can’t help wondering if he’s really as good in bed as his reputation suggests.

Jack Jameson has had his eye on Ally for months, drawn to her smart mouth and tightly wound self-control. When Jack finds Ally sitting on a barstool in his club, heartbroken and miserable, he’s more than happy to offer a little heat between the sheets to distract her. Too bad Ally’s not interested in his “hit-it-and-quit-it” philosophy. If only Jack could convince Ally that he’s tired of the endless parade of girls through his bedroom, she might see him in a different light.

When Jack and Ally get together, everything goes wrong and it’s more than either of them bargained for. Ally’s got serious trust issues and a need for control that makes Jack crazy. Jack’s got more baggage than an airline carousel; the constant stream of women from his past stirs up all of Ally’s insecurities. Can Ally overlook Jack’s womanizing past and learn to trust him? Will Jack be able to commit to just one woman or will a secret from his past ruin everything?

        Have you ever sat on the edge of your seat turning the pages of a novel or watching a movie, waiting for the plot to unfold? That’s how I feel when I’m writing a new story because I am a complete “pantser”. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it means that I write blindly, by the seat of my pants, without any idea where the story is going.
            I wish I could be one of those writers with the detailed outline, storyboards, and ten-page synopsis completed before they start the book. Unfortunately, my mind just doesn’t work that way. I’ve tried it and ended up sitting at my desk, staring at my notes and outline, wondering when the words will come.
            I do my best work early in the morning when I my brain is unencumbered by responsibility and logic. The words flow through my fingertips and into the keyboard like water from a pitcher. When creativity is at a premium, I am by turns thrilled, shocked, and excited to learn about my characters and surprised to find out what they will do next. It’s as if they come alive on the pages of my book.
            I will admit that it’s a messy process. Often times, the story meanders from its true course. It means countless revisions and a technique that I call “layering”. I read and re-read the story, adding layers of detail, weaving in important character traits and tying up loose ends.
            As I said, I’ve tried the structured approach. It left me feeling cold and emotionless, two things that I can’t afford as a writer. I want to be able to feel my characters, to live their problems. I want to cry alongside them during the bad times and celebrate with them in their moments of glory. For me, that is the joy of writing.

She didn’t want to believe him, but one look into his dark eyes and she had no doubt that he spoke the truth. Eyes like that didn’t lie. The clarity of their brown depths spoke volumes about his sincerity. He stared back at her with one eyebrow cocked as if daring her to challenge his answer. She cleared her throat and tried to look away but couldn’t. No, if there was one thing she knew for certain, Jack didn’t lie. He didn’t need to.

She shook her head to break the spell. A few more minutes of his heated chocolate stare and she’d be flat on her back with her legs in the air. Then the office gossips really would have something to talk about. “Thanks for lunch.”

“We aren’t done yet.” He glanced at the brass and mahogany grandfather clock behind her. “I still have another ten minutes of your time.” She stood and he rose with her, a lithe and graceful motion. “You want to know what I think?”

“Does it matter? I’m sure you’re going to tell me anyway.” She took a step backward and he moved with her, herding her backwards in a seductive dance until the backs of her thighs came up against the desk, so close that her skin prickled with a sudden rush of heat.

“I think that if you were really into Brian, you would’ve made the time for him. I think that you’re secretly relieved to be free of him and feeling guilty about it. I think that deep down inside you’re dying to break out of this cage you’ve built for yourself with someone who knows how to give a girl what she needs.” 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Jeana Mann is the author of sizzling hot contemporary romance. Her debut release Intoxicated was a First Place Winner of the 2013 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest and a finalist for the 2014 Carolyn Readers Choice Award. 

Jeana was born and raised in Indiana where she lives today with her two crazy rat terriers Mildred and Mabel. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Speech and Hearing, something totally unrelated to writing. When she’s not busy dreaming up steamy romance novels, she loves to travel anywhere and everywhere. Over the years she climbed the ruins of Chichen Iza in Mexico, snorkeled along the shores of Hawaii, sailed around Jamaica, ate gelato on the steps of the Pantheon in Rome, and explored the ancient city of Pompeii. More important than the places she’s been are the people she has met along the way.
Be sure to connect with Jeana on Facebook or follow along on Twitter for the latest news regarding her upcoming releases.

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