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Book Tour: What She Wants by Sheila Roberts Interview & Giveaway

What do women want?

Jonathan Templar and his poker buddies can't figure it out. Take Jonathan, for instance. He's been in love with Lissa Castle since they were kids but, geek that he is, she's never seen him as her Mr. Perfect. He has one last shot—their high school reunion. Kyle Long is equally discouraged. The pretty receptionist at his office keeps passing him over for other guys who may be taller but are definitely not superior. And Adam Edwards might be the most successful of Jonathan's friends, but he isn't having any success on the home front. His wife's kicked him out.

When Jonathan stumbles on a romance novel at the Icicle Falls library sale, he knows he's found the love expert he's been seeking—Vanessa Valentine, top-selling romance author. At first his buddies laugh at him for reading romance novels, but soon they, too, realize that these stories are the world's best textbooks on love. Poker night becomes book club night…and when all is read and done, they're going to be the kind of men women want!

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  1. Where did you get the idea for the novel?
Sometimes I’ll get an idea from something that’s happened in my life or something I’ve read. But this particular idea just popped into my head one day. I thought, Wouldn’t it be fun to write about men fixing their woman problems using romance novels as their textbooks? And I love my hero. He’s geeky and shy but he’s got a kind heart and he’s loyal. And he’s determined to do whatever it takes to win the woman he loves. Even learn how to dance. That’s more than you can say for a lot of guys!

  1. Your title. Who came up with it? Did you ever change your title?
“What She Wants” wasn’t the original title of the book. But authors don’t always get to pick their titles. Titles, like cover art, are important to a book and my publishers invest a lot of thought and energy into that sort of thing. This was one that got picked from a list of several titles my editor and I brainstormed.

  1. Why did you pick this genre? What do you like about it?
I write romantic women’s fiction because that’s what I enjoy reading. I like reading about how women deal with the issues in their lives. I enjoy a good love story and I like to laugh. For me, what I’m writing ticks all those boxes. This particular novel is a little different than what I usually write because it’s all told from the men’s viewpoint. I really enjoyed doing that and I hope readers will fall in love with my guys as much as I did.

  1. Since becoming a writer, what’s the most exciting thing to ever happen to you?
Probably seeing my novel “On Strike for Christmas” get made into a movie for the Lifetime channel. That was great fun! We even had our own red carpet party here to celebrate.

  1. What book are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?
I’m currently reading an interesting book called “Great Expectations: The Sons and Daughters of Charles Dickens”. In addition to fiction, I love reading biographies. There’s much to be learned reading about both the successes and failures of others.

  1. What is your writing process?
I always come up with my concept and title first. Then I plot my books. After that I start writing, going down the track scene by scene, chapter by chapter.

  1. At a book signing, do you just sign your name or do you write a note? How do you come up with stuff to say? 
I try to write a little something. Sometimes it will have to do with the book. For “Better Than Chocolate” I wrote, “May your cupboards always have chocolate.” Which is what I wish for all my friends. :)

  1. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m a songwriter. I’ve written songs for both the contemporary Christian market as well as country songs. In fact, you can find one of my songs on Youtube. Check out the music video we made for “Merry Ex-mas” titled “Merry Christmas, Mama” and you can see my sick mind at work. By the way, I play the part of the unpopular mother-in-law.

  1. How do you react to a bad review?
Not favorably. I don’t think it’s easy for any author who has labored hard over a creative work to see her brain baby trashed. But it happens to every author and bad reviews go with the territory. Not everyone is going to love your book and that’s a reality of life. Anyway, it’s a free country and people are certainly entitled to their opinions. I just wish some of those opinions weren’t so rudely expressed!

  1. How did you celebrate the sale of your first book?
After I broke my agent’s eardrums with my excited screech? Well, back a million years ago when I sold my first book, we were too broke to celebrate in a very big way so I really can’t remember. I do believe authors should celebrate every milestone though, especially that first book. So, when you first book gets published, don’t follow my example. Make sure you go out for dinner and have champagne. Buy a little something special with part of your advance. Frame your book cover. Because first books are like first loves. There’s nothing quite like them.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Sheila Roberts lives on a lake in the Pacific Northwest. She’s happily married and has three children. She’s been writing since 1989, but she did lots of things before settling in to her writing career, including owning a singing telegram company and playing in a band. Her band days are over, but she still enjoys writing songs. When she’s not speaking to women’s groups or at conferences or hanging out with her girlfriends she can be found writing about those things near and dear to women’s hearts: family, friends, and chocolate.

Sheila will be awarding a print copy of What She Wants (US/Canada only) to 10 randomly drawn commenters during the tour. A Grand Prize of a $25 eHarlequin coupon plus a finished copy of What She Wants (US/Canada only) will be awarded to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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